The key to your company’s competitive edge

We work closely with our clients to help develop, identify, protect, and police assets and properties which are not otherwise protected by registered trademarks, copyrights, or issued patents. The valuable information and secrets of a business, which are not disclosed to the public, can frequently be classified and protected as trade secrets, and are often the key to your company’s competitive edge in the marketplace.

Identify. Develop. Secure.

We assist in the development and identification of proprietary information and trade secrets within their organization and the development and implementation of strategies to police and enforce the confidentiality of those secrets through employment and contractor agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, company protocols, employee handbooks, email and internet usage policies, security policies and procedures, and other secrecy programs.

The Firm has considerable experience with assisting clients in the transfer and acquisition of trade secrets and other intellectual property and in protecting trade secrets and intellectual property through dispute resolution, negotiation and litigation.