We routinely counsel clients on the issues, regulations and procedures involved in obtaining a patent in the U.S. and abroad, and the development of the client’s intellectual property portfolio to serve specific business objectives, including the defensive use of patents to develop and protect market share and business channels.

Full range of Patent legal services

By virtue of strategic relationships, the Firm affords our clients the fullest range of patent legal services, including the preparation and filing of provisional and non-provisional patent applications; comprehensive patent protection services in the United States; prosecution of international or foreign nation patent applications; and patent portfolio due diligence and audits, counseling and management.

We assist our clients in developing internal business policies and procedures to encourage innovation and invention and further strategic business objectives. Our clients are armed with the advice and legal resources to identify potentially patentable technology, business methods and designs and to ensure that employees understand the patent process and adhere to company policies and guidelines designed to protect against inadvertent disclosure and loss of rights.