We frequently act as primary trial counsel or local counsel to assist foreign jurisdiction attorneys and welcome the opportunity to assist your Firm with any local counsel needs. We have significant experience with trademark, copyright, trade secret, patent and business/commercial litigation matters. We can provide local counsel representation in any manner that best services your clients and your firm, such as:

  • A Partnership with You. By partnering with your law firm to provide intellectual property and/or other legal services that your attorneys do not provide, we can allow you to offer a broader range of services to your clients.
  • Joint Venture Engagement. We can going venture with you to provide support and experience in IP litigation cases and/or transactions.
  • Direct Engagement/Referral. We can work with your firm and clients on a referral basis, where we directly handle transaction and/or litigation matters for your clients.

Our Commitment to Your Firm and Your Clients
A great deal of our Firm’s IP business is the result of referrals from non-IP attorneys. We greatly value our relationships with other law firms and are committed respecting and honoring the relationship of referring firms with their clients. We commit to respecting and honoring your relationship with your client. It is not our intent to solicit work from your firm’s clients. Rather, our goals are to support your firm in its relationships, make you look good, and to provide quality service to your clients. Our commitment to providing exemplary service to your clients is grounded in our commitment to reflect positively on your firm and to bolster our relationship with you. In performing our role for your clients, we commit to keeping you fully apprised of the status of the client’s matter or case and to working hand in hand with you to provide the best results and most positive experience possible for your clients.

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